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Print on Demand Ticket System

The VI Lottery is continuing to ride the wave of change and opportunity. We are excited about our new Print on Demand Ticket system.

In our efforts to continue to better our agency and the services we provide we have introduced a new ticket system. The function of this new system allows our agency to print tickets in house. This system allows us to not only be a more environmentally conscious entity but also makes our sales process more timely, efficient, and convenient.


Quicker Sales & Prize Payments

Quicker sales transactions and prize payments

Increased Security Features

Increased security features on tickets

QR codes to Check Winnings

Security encoded QR codes on every ticket stub, allowing customers to quickly check their winnings by simply scanning the QR code with their phone and our cashiers to validate tickets.

Dealer FAQs:

Are the new tickets secure?
Yes, in fact they are much more secure. In addition to your lucky ticket number and drawing details you will find a specialized QR Code on each ticket stub. This QR code contains encoded security details that are specific to each ticket.

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